Self-Watering indoor Planters to Grow a Beautiful Garden Sydney, Australia

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Gardening involves a lot of guesswork like when to give water to the plants or when to change the potting mix or apply fertilizers. Briefly, those who are new to gardening find it quite challenging to grow a beautiful garden, be it indoors or outdoors. In the recent times, a severe lack of gardening area in the urban homes has pushed many people to live without any garden. However, there are plants like herbs that do not demand much sunlight and are small. Such plants grow in an indoor environment effortlessly, but again the fast-paced urban lifestyle gives little scope to ensure regular watering of plants. In such a scenario, self-watering planters have made the whole ballgame of growing and taking care of a garden extremely easier. Available in various attractive colors and types, these self-watering planters contain reservoirs of water.

Types of herbs ideal for self-watering planters

There are a large number of herbs, which are ideal for growing in self-watering planters. Some of the herbs preferred by the garden lovers are the following ones:

· Coriander

· Organic Basil

· Mint

· Parsley

· Lavender

· Bee Balm

· Feverfew

· Marsh Mallow

· Purple Cone Flower

Apart from the above, it is also possible to grow vegetables in self-watering planters. You need to move them indoors when there is frost, rain, or excess heat.

How self-watering planters function?

In self-watering planters, the potting mix holding the plant is above a water chamber or reservoir. A false bottom or screen usually acts a separator between the two, while both remain connected at the same time by a porous channel. As the plant use water, it also draws more water from the reservoir by the capillary action whenever required. Thus, the plant never experiences excess watering or a deficiency of adequate water to grow. The soil in self-watering planters has always the right amount of moisture content.

Self-watering planters conserve water

These planters conserve water by ensuring an optimal use of water. In a traditional pot, much of the water is lost via drainage hole even without making the soil enough saturated, but this is not in the case of these planters. This is ideal for an indoor garden as water is never splashed on leaves or in the soil. For weeks, plants can remain healthy without any need of care. However, it is also true that there is always a high potential for an increase in salt concentration within the potting mix as after pulling of water by the plant roots, dissolved salts of water gradually accumulate in the potting mix. An easy solution to overcome the problem is to replace the mix with a new mix or addition of fresh compost.

So, if gardening seems a tiring task or ensuring herb care seems challenging, replace the traditional pots with self-watering planters and enjoy a beautiful garden without any worry. One can grow and take care of literally a variety of plants via these planters.