Top 5 Gorgeous Plants To Beautify Your Indoor Vertical Garden

Those who are aware of gardening would also be aware of Indoor gardening. Today, those who live in big cities hardly have a green space anywhere. Yet, we know, that the world needs to have trees around and of course many beyond those ones on the curb alone! While the big homeowners can still think of utilizing their small garden or balcony area as a garden and grow plants, big and small, the apartment dwellers would feel helpless.

Vertical garden is not a new concept. It is merely a concept that is making a comeback. This style of gardening has always existed for many years. In fact, those people who hardly have time or place for gardening shall be able to go for these vertical gardens.

Top Five Indoor Vertical Plants:

1. Lemon thyme: You shall decide on the expanse of the wall that you wish to have for indoor vertical gardening. However, among the indoor plants, lemon thyme is the herb that shall grow beautifully in this way.

2. Ivy: Probably, the plant that requires the least of maintenance is the ivy. It shall cover up an entire wall. However, remember to trim it now and then, lest it would outgrow the wall.

3. Rosemary: It is one of the most gorgeous looking plants that can be perfect for your vertical garden. It shall grow fast and as a herb with great medical properties, Rosemary is a right herb to start with for your garden. Try to go for a small wall frame to start with, and if you succeed, then you shall have a bigger planter. The rosemary has this cascading effect that gives it a beauty of its own.

4. Succulents: These do not even require a big wall and the perfect place can be your kitchen wall where these bright succulents like the sempervivum can grow. These are perfect for the photo frame planters and they give this 3D succulent planter a look of coming out of the wall.

5. Flowering plants: Not just ivies, but also Chives grow perfectly well on vertical garden. These plants grow fast, and the best part is that they come up with these pretty white, or pink flowers too that add to the beauty of the wall doubly.

Tips to plant a vertical garden

One very important aspect that many people forget is, the vertical garden shall successfully hide all ugly patches and shall beautify the wall. On deciding the wall, you would need a PVC frame that would hold the plants and it shall make it easy for you to move the frame later too. Then give a plastic sheet to act as a protective layer for the plants’ water from reaching the wall. A fabric would also be helpful in retaining the moisture for the plants to stay hydrated.

To put in nutshell, one cannot deny the fact that these indoor plants in the vertical garden are perfect for beautifying the homes and in keeping the homes cool even in a scorching summer.