Importance of Thinking About Your Life And How it Changes Everything!

By 20 Year Old, Who Thinks Way Too Much

My name is Urban and I am starting this blog to help teenagers and also adults understand themselves and I believe I can help through explaining day to day problems of me and people I know.

I will start with importance of everyday thinking about life and decisions we make everyday. Many of us underestimate the power of thinking and than correcting our behavior in ways that can lead us to success. Lot of important and great people emphasized how correcting their behavior helped them to achieve what they wanted.

We all get lost in day to day life with school, job,… and slowly we drift from path and goals we set for ourselves and after time we find that we are in place we didn’t want to be (bad relationship, depressed, not fulfilling goals,…) and this is because we allowed our life to get out of our hands. We did things we had to do at that time and forgot about things we have to do to make our future better, we shouldn’t stress about what others think of us. Also laziness is illness that kills our happiness, we all know that lying on bed doing nothing doesn’t bring us joy and going into nature and creating things makes us excited and full of energy, but only problem is that we have to overcame ourselves. Now to get on point we have to do things that will bring us happiness and we have to remind ourselves through time what is really important for us.

How do we remind ourselves what’s really important? Simply thinking about what we want out of our life, where are we right now and what do we have to do in order to achieve goals. And we have to think about this questions ones or twice per week so we can stick to path and correct mistakes we do through time.