Importance of Willpower

By 20 Year Old, Who Thinks Way Too Much

The definition od willpower is “the ability to control oneself and determineone’s actions” I look at willpower as a tool with which we have our body, thoughts and instincts under control. We all know that people that have strong willpower achieve more success, so we want to gain willpower. Do you remember the goals you set for yourself and then after few months or even weeks you let go of them. You achieve goals with certain habits that you repeat through time, but to repeat this habits in hard times you need willpower, because when you feel like your goals are unreachable and everything turns against you there is really nothing external that motivates you (like when your friends support you, you get money,…) so you have to turn to yourself for motivation and that can be done only with willpower. I read somewhere that our forefathers were depending on external motivation (hunger, they were cold, …) so they didn’t have to evolve willpower for things that didn’t seem to be important (lose weight, exercise, …) in other words they had willpower only for things that were important for their survival, but now when we don’t have to do anything and get food on our table that external motivation is gone.

Willpower is also brain muscle that helps us get out of our comfort zone. So when we are lazy our willpower gets us going. More that we train this muscle stronger it gets, so if we get used to getting out of our comfort zone, easier it gets. I don’t have judo practices in summer so in beginning of school year it is very hard for me to make myself go on judo or to study but because I make myself get out of my comfort zone time after time it gets easier and I have more willpower even for other things (eating right, reading,…) that aren’t even connected to school or judo.

Many scientists believe that we wake up with certain amount of willpower and through day we use it (this is the reason that successful people do hard and important tasks in the morning) and I found for myself that this is true, many times I wake up feeling motivated and I can make myself do hard things but later in the day I just don’t have energy of I find good excuse, so it is important to organize your day in the way you don’t use willpower for useless things and that you do things that need more willpower in time when you have high amount of willpower.

Picture I posted above is from popular websight 9gag which many teenagers watch daily. Does this picture remind you of anything? Well if you had strong willpower to motivate yourself you wouldn’t feel unsatisfied by looking at this picture. So make a decision to take action in life, write down few little goals that you can achive in one week and that more goals for another one and another one, than when you feel down use this blog to remind yourself that you can do anything only if you use your willpower.

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