Influence Of People Around Us!

By 20 Year Old, Who Thinks Way Too Much

Today I’ll write about Impact that your friends have on you.

Many people underestimate influence of their friends. We are social beings and through our history we were depending on each other for survival. I read that our genes are made to live in tribe with population around 150 people, this means we are made to adapt our behavior to social norms and we start to act like people around us (we can see that if we watch group of friends, slowly they start to listen to same music have same hairstyle…) we do that because long time ago if we acted differently than everybody in our tribe they would excommunicate us and send us away which meant death because one person couldn’t survive alone in harsh nature. Human race lived so long this way that our genes are made to adapt to social standards and this is actually where fear od standing out and rejection comes from. Nobody wants to be left alone and our subconscious makes us act the way we won’t risk it.

It is very important to have right people around us because we can benefit from it. Firstly I will write how it can harm us and than I will describe how we can take advantage from this.

I talked to a lot of people about changes in their life and many of them told me the same problem. They all have people around them (friends, school mates, family…) who expect from them to behave the way they always do and if they try to change, people around them freak out. Lets say that you are introvert and people around you think you are shy and self-conscious, now I ask you what would happen if you decide that you want to be more popular and meet new people, be loud… Well people that know you would look at you strangely. Now I will describe one example that happened to my friend. In summer we (just us two) went to the sea together for ten days and there I changed his view on life, before we went to the sea he smoked weed, his was weak in school, he stopped training cycling and he was lazy. After ten days of constantly talking about meaning of life he decided to change all things that I just wrote. Believe me when I say that he was motivated to become better version of himself, but when he came home he was again surrounded with his old friends and slowly he started to become less motivated and in just one month he fell into his old patterns, why? Because when we were together he created new persona that wanted to strive for more and around his friends this persona was slowly covered with his old self.

Lastly, I will write how we can benefit from having people around us that want to make something from their life’s. Society is an construction of reality that is shared among people of same group and who are united with same lifestyle, this means we have certain reality with our friends and if this reality is that reading books is good for you, you are more likely to read. Also we are likely to act like people around you, most smokers started smoking because they were surrounded with people who smoked, and if people around you study and are in process of making their life’s better, well you have more reasons to bring your life to the next level.

Now stop for a moment and think about who are five people you surround with the most. If they help you in life, good, if they are stopping your growth replace them with people that will accelerate you growth. If you liked my blog try to change people around you and than let me know how that helped you.