What Are You Doing With Your Life!

By 20 Year Old, Who Thinks Way Too Much

Hello! In this blog I will help you to take a look into your life and really think about decisions you make (and how they affect your future) and on which path are you currently walking (because it is very important to walk the right life path that leads to the life of happiness and fulfillment).

You feel unsatisfied with your life, because deep down you know right now you could be doing something meaningful, but fear of others and laziness is more powerful than your willpower. We were made this way to fear rejection, but purpose of life is to overcome it and go out of comfort zone because only than we really grow, learn and live life like we really want to. Deep down you know you are wasting your time because you don’t feel like doing the right thing, but hey life will pass you by and when you get older, you will realize that some of your peers live life like you wanted to, but you stayed in you comfort zone. The thought of this fact makes you feel unhappy, but instead of solving this problem you close your eyes and go do something that makes you feel better like watch movies or sleep… No one can’t run from their problems. When you will get even older and discover you didn’t get out of life what you wanted to, depression will kick in.

It is very important to stop and think about life. Get to know what you want out of it. If you don’t get out of your comfort zone to do something, you won’t accomplish your goals and life will pass you by. One day when you get older you will discover that you could have lived life to the fullest but you didn’t have enough willpower to overcome comfort.

We always know what is the right decision and what is the easy decision. Lying in bed doing nothing is easy, but believe me when I say that you won’t be excited about life (and living life with excitement gives life a new meaning). Getting out of your comfort and going to gym, reading,… it’s hard but after time we get into it and we know we did the right thing.

Right decisions are decisions that contribute to better future like learning new things, doing sports, … and easy decisions are decisions that make us feel good in that moment in time, like drinking alcohol that makes us happy without us having to do anything, but we all know that it has bad effect on our future.

Think about what have you done in last 10 days that contributes to better future. Think about how much time you wasted, because you had some excuses. Well when you get older looking back to your life, you won’t care about excuses you had in the past. All you will see is how much time you wasted for being lazy. Maybe right now you don’t see problem with wasting your time for having fun, but believe me when you get older and some of your peers will live their life like you always dreamt of, your life will become living horror (only then will you realize, what you missed in life with excuses).

Now I encourage you to close your computer or phone and get out of the house. Try to go into the nature or somewhere that is peaceful. Think about what will become of you, if you continue with your life like you have lived it up to the present. STOP with habits that don’t help you (read my blog on how friends influence you). Make a choice to change your future to the better and follow the new path you set for yourself. If you liked my blog please let me know how it helped you and what you got out of it.