5 Quick and Easy Outdoor Decorating Tips

Summer is a great time for outdoor entertaining. It’s also a time for simple, easy, casual living. The great news is, you can easily combine the two for summer entertaining. Here are 5 great quick and easy tips to help you create a beautiful environment for outdoor entertaining.

1. Mix and Match

Summer is a great time to put the many things “orphans” you may have hanging about your house into service. Whether it’s mixing and matching the last three seasons of the one or two chair pads that didn’t get bleached by the sun or the stray linen napkins from sets that are no longer intact, summer is the perfect time to use odds and ends that are similar in design but don’t match each other. Best of all, if an individual item gets ruined outdoors, it won’t break up a set.!

2. Buy new cushions

You can give tired or worn outdoor furniture a brand new facelift by replacing faded or worn out cushions. This is also a great time to repurpose older indoor throw pillows you might have been thinking of replacing. Use them outdoors for the summer and replace your indoor pillows with new ones.

3. Install or hang lighting

These days there are a wide variety of string lighting to choose from, so hang some strings of lights from ceiling beams of a patio or wrap them around deck railings. Strings of lights can transform your outdoor space from a functional environment to a glittery summer fairy-tale locale.

4. Use throw rugs

Just as a rug can tie a room together indoors, it can also create intimate spaces in your outdoor living areas. If you have an enclosed space or patio, you can use indoor rugs or use outdoor rugs in exposed areas. This is another way you can repurpose indoor rugs if you were getting ready to replace them anyway. Take your indoor rugs outdoors for the summer and then replace them with new rugs indoors.

5. Build, buy or create a fire pit

There’s just something about cooler summer nights around a fire that create the basis of so many great summer memories. These days, fire pits come in a wide range of options. From simple designs you can build yourself, to tables complete with fire pits that you can purchase to going totally old school and digging a hole in your yard and surrounding it with rocks, outfitting your outdoor space with a fire pit is easier than ever before.

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