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When i started my small garden, i really didn’t expect to get so into it.

First i started a very basic garden, With Guanabana tree seeds. Kind of the hardest plants to harvest successfully, right now they are a few months old and about a foot each. About 9 months to be exact, i’ve had those seeds stored. I saved them before my daughter was born last march 2015. I currently have about 6 pots of Guanabana trees, and about more than 15 different plants including oregano and thyme.

I started with vegetables i loved to cook with and spices i regularly use on a daily basis. On December we harvested basil leaves, the are so aromatic and perfect. We planted squash but the first ten where eaten by caterpillars total. We re planted six last December. Currently a very healthy crop.

My first vegetable was a pumpkin, oh boy doest it outgrow, but if you trim it well you can avoid caterpillar plages that are very common. But we had one 20 pound pumpkin last week after 7 months of harvest from the moment i planted the seed to a one month wait for the pumpkin to have a good size.

My most successful plants right now are the jalapeño and bell peppers, they are currently full of peppers. The next crop is lettuce, sweet potato and spinach. Im also currently trying to harvest cilantro and chive onions, but its been a bit difficult to get them successfully grown on the jiffy pods. they are very fragile to handle. Im using two methods of planting, one is regular planting straight method to the dirt and hope for the best to grow stronger or individual podding with the pre mix jiffy pods for germinating seeds. So far both have been successful equally. But for the chives its really hard because they grow a bit like grass so if you are gonna plant them it should be with 2 more seeds so its more succesfull.

This week I built a small green house with an old broke umbrella i recycled, of course its such a great idea. For the mint plants i have, i took a few tree branches and broke them into a good length about 10' in and made a nice support system. It keeps the dirt fresh and moist when the sun is semi direct in the afternoons. I mean there are so many things that can help your plants, you just have to take good care of your greens.

Keep it orga! 🍃

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