Trial Season February 2016

These past weeks i have taken a break from my blog post, i have been focusing on the garden more than usual because its re potting season. These past few months ive planted Passion fruits and they are very healthy, ive re planted two of six plants and left the others on a small pot unit until the leafs grow bigger and finally see a flower this spring.

Ive had so many new hatchings this past week, The most healthy are the basil and Thin cayenne pepper plants. This time ive re planted the big Bell Pepper plants and left the Jalapeño together on the ledge of the garden without pots and see if they survive. Im going to try to maintain the bell peppers away this time because if i keep them closer i fear i might ruin the polinating process of the bees. But i might have to wait and see how the plants react. The corriander is still struggling but im very confident about how im gonna turn the garden around with all the lettuce and spinach ive put in new this week. Wish luck and hopefully the rest of the new trials succed.

On the List this week:
Thin Cayenne
Pumpkin (new)
Lettuce Romana

This months is important because we will see what survives, so stay tunned for the Urban Garden Update. Picture update this week.