Conversations about Love

Sometimes my friends and I get into deep conversations about love and lust. I’m an old soul so my views are different, and I go into complete rants about why I think love is the way it is in its present state. So it normally goes something like this:

Me: I low key love that crab.
Friend: Lol you’ll get over it Jojo.
Me: Lolol why should I have to though?
Friend: tf you mean why?
Me: Lolol I’m just saying why. Like, why must we have to “get over” every situation? Aren't we suppose to be soldiers? Aren't we suppose to fight for something we believe in? I’m not saying that this is something to fight for, I’m not saying I won’t, and I’m not saying I will fight because clearly I’m not. But too often our generation gives up, and then we question why it doesn't work or why we’re not happy. We want happiness without the work. Being with someone takes work. Some days it’ll be easy and other days you’ll be close to going up 20 to life. I’m just saying we should take some notes for our ancestors for a change. We want so bad to reinvent things and life, that we fail to see when new isn't working. And what upset me most is that people of our kind (If you know me you’ll get why I said our kind)… we forget to fight and we forget it’s never going to be easy! But that’s just my 5 cents.
Friend: Like that old couple in the picture who said they came from a generation when they fixed things when it broke not throw em away.
Me: Yup! And all we want to do is throw it away or “Get over it”. I can’t keep getting over things. ‘Cause when will I ever be happy if I keep on doing that? I’m honestly tired of the relationships and dating and I’m only 22. Gad dammit!
Friend: I feel you. I want that shit tho.
Me:Exactly and I want it too, but will it ever happen? Who knows. At least you’re well on your way with a happy relationship (fights and all). You two know it’s never easy lol.
Friend: Yeah we know… At least I know. Like I wanna be able to stick it out with one person.
Friend: I was the type to bail easy. Like if ine feeling nothing, fuck you!
Me: To be honest I've never been that type. I never got myself in too deep to have to consider it ‘bailing’. I just dated to secure my reputation and not hurt people. I guess me seeing my mom fight and the other adults around me fight and work hard to keep a relationship while growing up rubbed off on me. I always felt that when it was my turn I’ll never hurt someone, because I’ve seen pain in the eyes of people I love. But what I didn’t prepare myself for was people hurting me, ya know. Like damn! I still blame fairytales for the perception are generation has on love. Too much tv will never be good lol! Walt Disney, I know you meant well, but damn bro!

But there you have it. Regardless of my current standing, I still see love the same way I always have. I just wish others will begin to view love through a different lens, and not just the fairytale bullshit or new age love we've been brainwashed with.