Thou art name beginth with an A

Do you remember this heart?

There’s a realm between space and time; a universe of our own built by destiny. Two connecting souls ripped apart never knowing that their twin flame burned in the same universe. Time made the distance normal, eventually fading the love from the naked eye making the truth undetectable, but destiny is strong and so is the love of two connecting souls. As destiny would have it our souls met once again, but the force was so strong yet oddly stagnant — and somehow we ripped apart. But destiny seeked the help of fate and here we are again.

Will we allow our love to reach such a powerful level that we stop time and fall into our realm and love wholeheartedly while the world moves around us, but we are the only thing we see? Such powerful love isn’t it? It ruptures are thinking and makes everything we once knew a lie. Love me and you will not regret your hearts true path. Love me and I too will tap into my fate and love you the same.

A.Sharell Mather

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