Carpet Area Confusion

We’ve heard about these different Area types from Builders, Brokers, Developers, etc. and even in our weekend property discussions with our friends and families. But is our concept for these terms clear? Do we know the Ratio between these three? Is it important to know Super Build-Up area? Are we charged on Carpet area or Built-Up area or Super Built-Up area?

Let’s have a look at these three:-

Carpet Area

Carpet Area is a self explanatory word, in other words, Carpet area is the area which can actually be covered by a Carpet, the Usable Area. Out of the three, Carpet area is the most important for you as a buyer.

This excludes the wall area and any other area which is outside your Home/Flat premises(Lobby, staircase, play areas, etc). You should always ask for Carpet Area as it is the actual Area which you will be able to use.

Builders charge you on Built-Up area or Super Built-Up area, not carpet Area.

Carpet area is about 70% of the Built-Up area, rest it depends on project to project basis.

So if a flat is of 1000 Sq.Ft, the Carpet area would be roughly about 700 Sq.Ft. which is completely usable.

Built-Up Area

Built-Up Area = Carpet Area + Wall Area

By wall area, we mean the inner thickness area of the wall. Built-Up area also includes other areas such as Dry Area, Flower beds, etc which adds up to 10% of the Built-Up area.

So a flat of 1000 Sq.Ft would have 700 Sq.Ft of usable Carpet area and 300 Sq.Ft of non usable area, which is the extra Built-Up area.

Common Area

Lobby, Lift, Stair Case, Club House, etc. These are the areas which are considered under the ‘Common Area’ Tag.

Common Areas are different for different projects or builders, you should check up with your Builder before buying.

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Super Built-Up Area

Built-Up Area + Common Area = Super Built-Up Area

Super Built-Up Area is the first word in Builder’s Dictionary! This is also called the Saleable Area. The final price Quotations are made according to Super Built-Up area.

For example: The Super Built-Up area is 2000 Sq.Ft and the rate for the flat is Rs. 5000 per square foot, so the final price would be 2000Sq.Ft X Rs. 5000 = Rs. 1,00,00,000 or 1 Crore.

The extra area is proportionally added to the Flat’s Built-Up area.

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