A peek into the type of work a Jacksonville based start up is working on

In Jacksonville, Florida, car accidents are a problem like any other mid-sized city. On my daily commute to and from work, I see about one or two accidents a day. I began to notice the crash sites were in the same spots around town; the congested off-ramps, between the two crowded exits, or nearby the hill with an ignored caution sign. These accidents would range from a simple fender bender to potential fatalities. Regardless of the severity, my drive home would be significantly lengthened.


As the entire world pauses to rally, defeat and recover from the Coronavirus, we’ve been exposed to a hard truth: The way our governments collect, report and use data is haphazard, disconnected and frankly — dangerous.

Techstars Smart Mobility Demo Day Pitch

With the absence of accurate, early information from China we set off a butterfly effect.

The result?

  • Gross underestimation of severity
  • Negligence to prepare infrastructure and resources
  • Hesitant leadership
  • Inaccurate Reporting
  • Confusion among the media
  • Political posturing that has fed fear and distrust in our communities

We wish we had a different use case to share why we exist, but…

Urban SDK

Urban SDK combines real-time location data with predictive analytics to transform your city's mobility, transportation, sustainability and safety operations.

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