Social media goes red on Friday and Saturday against further Syrian massacres.


Activists on Saturday are making Facebook red. The worldwide event is to stand in solidarity to urge the UN to take action to stop further massacres of Syrian civilians. More than 200 civilians have been killed in one week of Russian-backed civilian airstrikes in support of the Bashar al-Assad regime.

From every corner of the planet, Saturday’s Facebook event page writes that ‘we are marching to save the city of Aleppo. Its civilians, rescue workers and doctors are being killed by the dozens in the regime’s fierce airstrikes. Join us and let’s protest in every country of the world.’

Leading up to Saturday’s events, activists fell into a twitter assault on Friday. The hashtag #AleppoIsBurning came to ‘achieve the top place of Twitter in several Arab states.’ In terms of location bias, Saudi Arabia tweets amounted to 29%, with Canada 10%.

A Canadian non-profit organization was operating one of the hospitals what was completely destroyed in the airstrikes on the war-torn city. There were no casualties because it happened on a local holiday.

The charity group Doctors without Borders saw at least 14 hospital staff and patients killed in the air strikes on Thursday which reduced another hospital, called the Al Quds, to rubble. Previously the site of an ‘eight-bed pediatrics unit for ailing children.’

Initially activist tweeted demands to: ‘Stop Bloodshed’s all over the world and don’t forget Syria as #AleppoIsBurning.’

During the social media assault which started at 20:30 CET, one the most influential of people tweeting, one time political prison and Syrian Luna Watfa retweeted ‘Iranian ppl stand in solidarity W brave #Syrian ppl 2end the Assad dictatorship. Down W dictators in #Iran & #Syria.’

Tweets followed of graphic images and video clips, people, mainly children killed, being carried and in visible states of distress. Some images reemerged with the red theme of solidarity; tragic moments reappeared as memes with slogans of defiance and criticism.

Heartbreak was summed up in a video clip of a Syrian boy who cries next to the body of his brother who died in the Russian air strike. Also a girl is shown in distressed state, being calmed and cared for by an aid worker. The twitter hashtag #AleppoIsBurning had been used 19 hours before sensitively masking the graphic scene of a murdered infant.

The war criminals being trialled during the twitter hive-minded conversations are labelled as ‘Assad, Russia, the Iran regime and Hezbollah.’ A meme stating that ‘Misleading expressions deliberately used to confuse the truth about the genocidal war against people of Syria by Assad, Russia, the Iran regime, Hezbollah and tens of thousands of foreign sectarian gangs and mercenaries.’

Pour les Parisiens désireux de montrer leur solidarité avec Alep et les victimes syriennes de manière plus général, rdv aujourd’hui (Samedi 30 Avril 2016 :
-13h30 devant l ambassade syrienne 
20 Rue Vaneau, 75007 
-16h à la fontaine des innocents (les Halles).

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