On faith, blindness & blind faith

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Blind yearning to lead the blind,
The One eyed, they know best.
Who cares about having full sight?

Oh! The Vedas
Have not read a single page
But, I claim to be the true Hindu leader
All the while,
I, the new age free thinker
Denounce them without any investigation.

Oh! the Semitic Texts
Never explored the meanings of the teaching
Yet, I claim to be best Jew, Christian or Muslim
All the while
I, The liberal tongue wagger
Without an honest attempt at learning,
Blame the same teachings for all world’s ills.

Oh! Gurbani
Can’t tell a pop-song from Gurbani
yet I, Claim authority over you as a Sikh leader
All the while
Fed on the sex crazed material media,
without a real attempt at introspection
I find it incomprehensible & incompatible

Oh! hypocrisy.
Have not read either Keynes, Hayek or Pickety
Claim capitalism to be infallible cure all
I worship Hindutva
Yet I ask what minorities fear
I drive gas guzzlers
Yet I ask why Islam creates terrorists
Have not practiced anything of the spirit
Yet I claim faith as the root of all evil

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