The Importance Of Accessorizing

One of the trends fashionistas always go by is — accessorizing. It is considered a must nowadays

What Is Accessorizing?

The use of an additional piece of jewelry or statement pieces including costume jewelry, fashion jewelry, evening bags, handbags and wedding clutch bags that are not part of the main dress but help in completing the ensemble are called as accessorizing.

Why Is Accessorizing Important

Accessorizing is important for a variety of reasons.

· It Can Change The Look Of A Dress: Accessories can completely change the way a dress looks. A simple dress can be made to look striking by the right accessories. The right fashion jewelry can make a dress look chic and brilliant and can gather the attention even if the dress is normal and ordinary.

· It Can Help In Mix And Match: Accessories can be used in a variety of combinations and often in different pairings so that every time a different set of accessories and dresses are paired, it looks completely different. This can give a lot of different looks to go for, often totally unrelated to each other.

· Accessories Can Make A Statement: Investing in accessories can make a statement be it in any event. Accessories are used as attention garnering pieces and can work to the full extent in making a fashion statement wherever necessary. Choosing the accessories right can exude a sense of class and poise, often making bold clear statements.

· Cheap Ways To Change Looks: Dresses can sometimes turn out to be expensive and it is not possible to completely buy new sets of dresses for every occasion. But accessories can be obtained for a much cheaper rate, and this can mean, naturally, a lot of mix and match with each set giving a new look.

What Is A Right Accessory?

There are no ground rules to choose the right accessories. Most of it largely depends on the individual’s sense of style and taste in jewelry. Following fashion trends can only get one so far. Working to create a balance between the ‘in thing’ and what feels right is most often how the right accessories are chosen.

A Right Accessory

· Must complement the dress perfectly

· Not overshadow the main dress

· Must not clash with other accessories that are worn / used

· Must not be outdated

· Must not create a fashion faux pas

While most accessories are not timeless, some of them, if chosen right, can be paired with many dresses and used for longer periods of time. Choosing the right style that is not part of a raging sudden fashion trend would take accessorizing a long way ahead.

Buying The Right Accessories

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