Regret from impulsive framework change,

By Matthew Chang (

About three weeks have passed. About fifty percent Prototype rate of process, at least I am doing good job of architecture design, like the situation of piling lego blocks neatly, but again due to ‘greed’ in skills, I came to consciousness to give up and went to back to starting point after spending as long as three weeks of time. More specifically, I gave up changing into React.JS for Frontend made up of AngularJS 1.

My history about Frontend development (?)

In fact, around the year of 1996, my development started when I enjoyed doing frontend development. At the time, membership registration, BBS, visitor’s book or ‘note’ function that goes into main screen that is needed to organize Web function are opened to public excellently, I felt like I did not have to do backend development due to the supply of SPBoard, Zeroboard. At least, I have tried to open source that are opensource(?), it is fun to dig up source that is developed mostly as PHP or Perl, but frontend development that is directly connected to web interface was most appealing. Now, I have been implementing dynamic function by using infrequently used VBScript or Java Applet. …

Full Stack developer’s self-examination and resolution

By Matthew Chang (

Lately, I have started reading piled up books in the meantime after finishing busy schedule. Among them, my most anticipated books were ‘Software Development and Test’ and ‘Mass Storage Architecture Performance Tuning’ written by Dae Hyup Cho. I devoted my weekend to finish reading all of them, If I give a brief review of summary, I think that ‘Why did I just read it now’.

I recognized Dae Hyup Cho through his excellent blogs (Of course, I do not know him well in offline..). In the year of 2011, just after getting senior. By nature, configuration management is maintained despite it is not working properly within team (I felt regrettable about the reality of managing only source code zip file without single VCS.). After applying one test PC, I installed Redmine and Subversion then I started on version control and issue tracking by rake in existing source. While doing that I saw a writing about CI set up by using Hudson (, since then I was thinking as ‘This is it’ and due to my interest in these subject areas, even when I was on a individual project, I realize and enter in fundamentally with VCS, Issue Tracker, and C.I. …

Standing in the middle of fast development and perfect architecture.

By Matthew Chang (

Since I was in the progress of launching a Full Stack business and working on a development on my own, the biggest concern that I had was that which areas that I am developing? Looking back, the progress of my development has not proceeded at all since I thoughtlessly believed solely in the Full Stack framework without complete architecture. Strangely, the prototype should have come out in the last year but it delayed for almost half a year. …

Whether should I make fast, safe, future-oriented service or adjust schedule?

By Matthew Chang (

Recently I have been thinking about whether running the maximum service/large scale preparation is possible for running service later with just minimum resource. For this reason, I have chosen microarchitecture, if I adjust resource scale into global by balancing it automatically by using Docker, I would not be worried about the actual server expansion or co-location. Therefore, if I use AWS, GCE’s cloud service well, it would be much safer, and at the same time, raise the efficiency of preparation for the expense resource dramatically than using preexisting bear-metal server. …

Chapter 2: Urhyme, plan out for life of hundred years.

Wireframe, Architecture design and task management

By Matthew Chang (

When I first started making websites in 1996, rumors started to spread about that I am good at making a homepage, so the teacher asked me to make a website for a class website, then I received good response from this which I ended up making a website for my elementary school. It was large scale task than I expected so as I looked over another website, I did the benchmark of the site map, set up menu, then I wrote down this site navigation to map out the home page. As a result, I had in my mind about, 1) Site map 2) Menu 3) whole lay-out 4) Content as a web development procedures. …

Chapter one: The motives for making Urhyme project

By Matthew Chang (

Finally, I started writing about the Urhyme project. I have spent a lot of time on building a map out for Urhyme project and development. Last week, I was deeply moved by Urhyme product. Four years ago, I always wanted to make Urhyme product through the web, but I was unable to make it happen due to school work and studying abroad. In fact, I was not able to make a successful product because of my lack of skills in full-stack. …



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