Community Update: Limitlex Progress Report

Urh Zavodnik
Jan 9, 2019 · 2 min read

We have been keeping very busy and active here at the Limitlex team — building, developing, innovating, networking. We are proud to update our followers about some important milestones we have achieved in 2018 and about our plans for the months ahead.

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Payment Gateway and Crypto Terminals (LimitlexPAY)

Limitlex Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway is live and already in use by merchants. We have also developed our own crypto terminals for automating crypto payments at brick-and-mortar stores, independently of their existing POS system.

A video clip of a LimitlexPAY crypto terminal in action:

White-label Partnership Program

Our B2B White-label Partnership Program is now live! We can provide our Crypto-to-Fiat Payment Gateway under White-label business model. By joining such a partnership, companies can become crypto payments processors for merchants and earn revenue from each transaction. We provide all the technology, operation, maintenance, security and tech support, so our partners can put all their efforts into user acquisition (signing up merchants) and business development. This is a lucrative business opportunity and the set-up is quick and inexpensive.

We welcome inquiries for White-label partnerships at

Smart Exchange (Demo and Beta)

We will begin onboarding our community members to our beta crypto exchange shortly. You can also try our Demo of bulk-trading features at

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Security Token Trading

We believe the future of digital assets holds for us many interesting opportunities. The financial industry will see more and more tokenized assets and securities as this sector begins growing in the near future.

Limitlex aims to be a forefront provider of a regulated and fully compliant ‘smart’ exchange and trading platform for tokenized securities.

We are at the moment evaluating several jurisdictions for obtaining a licence to operate a securities market, and networking with business partners and legal offices in the UK, Malta, Liechtenstein and Estonia to ensure a smooth and fast procedure.

With the integration of our Smart Exchange and White-label platform we will be able to equip numerous investment firms, broker-dealers and banks with easy-to-use trading terminals, which, in turn, will allow their clients to effortlessly and safely trade security tokens.

To learn more about Limitlex, sign up for email updates on our website, and to stay up to date on Limitlex news and announcements, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram.

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