GIF Clearly Shows That Life is A Montage of Existential Crises

Parallel Studio

If Nietzsche was alive today, I can almost be certain that he would produce this GIF — a piece of meme art that exemplifies the existential struggles of the time.

A montage of the hackneyed, this GIF — designed with a pop art flair to comfort our downtrodden days on this planet — reminds us that life truly is a GIF, a series of disappointments in infinite loop. We are all Sisyphus and this GIF is our boulder.

If there is a heavenly realm outside of our Platonic senses, it is housed not by a benevolent god or God. Rather, the ethereal realm must be a pantheon of mischievous gods, plotting on how to punk our daily lives, while their fingers flickered together like a cadre of Dr. Evils. We are just Homers and Hesiods, at the mercy of a menacing cosmology.

This GIF reminds me the pain of being a Golden Warriors fan and not being able to win the 2016 NBA Finals. This GIF reminds me that I’m not good at darts, neither am I proficient in golf or carpentry. This GIF reminds me that my computer is frustratingly slow and would like to buy a new one, if only I can afford one.

Yet, this GIF is cathartic. After all, tragic plays were invented to provide us emotional release from our strife and mortality. And this GIF will certainly come in handy on November 9th. Should Hillary not win, I will have this GIF in replay everyday for the next four years as a reminder that we almost could have reached progress, but alas, fell short.

GIF is a montage of animated shorts by Parallel Studio.