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Painting class from the Imperial Academy of Arts, St.Petersburg (founded in 1747)

Discrimination of Women In the Arts

In the arts, discrimination continues to be a major issue.

Here are some stats from Guerrilla Girls West, the conscience of the art world.

90% of Art Models are Women

65% of Art Students are Women

20% of Art Faculty are Women

Nearly half (45%) of all professional artists are women

In “blind” art competitions (where the juror does not know who did the work) the percentage of women artists accepted is consistently close to the percentage of women who enter the competitions.

Art Museums represent an average only 15% of women artists in curated (invitational) exhibits. Minority women .003%.

Only 4% of museum acquisitions are work done by women artists

Gender clearly over rides quality when gender is known.

Here is a link to a short article I wrote on the worlds warped perception of women in the arts: Dolls Gone Wrong: The World’s Warped Perception of Women In the Arts

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Originally published at on February 15, 2017.