Dear rest of the world,

First of all,

Africa is not a country,

it’s a continent.

A while back I was Got to meet my cousin from the U.K

I couldn’t have been more shocked at how much the media has poisoned their minds about our dear homeland.

When we started conversing,she stunned me when she told me how much she was surprised at the fact that she saw me using snapchat,she was like “you have internet in Africa?” she didn’t know Nigerians had social media,(when we rule Twitter)

-half the memes are generated from our end.

She pretty much thought we had lions on our street-we don’t.

And you can’t really blame the youth for having this general view because most of the time, the perception you have about a place largely unknown to you is determined by the media.

It’s funny how in movies,they make sure the distinctive accent of Europeans are not omitted ,

They make sure a German sounds like a German, make sure a Frenchman sounds like a frenchman and they then go on to make every African sound the same .the media keeps on harming the image of Africa

They never show you anything that’s good or developing, they

only show you the people that don’t have good water to drink or they show you wildlife and make people. that don’t bother to find out think that that’s the situation everywhere. I decided to write this when I saw a family guy episode where (insert characters name ) was duped by a Nigerian “prince”

-(Not every Nigerian you see is a “prince” trying to scam you like they say in the movies ,you can’t accuse every Nigerian you meet of being a fraudster you can’t paint a single colour on over 178 million people because of a little faction of miscreants that aren’t even up to a thousand,you can’t stain the hard work of those that actually work to make money)

and she came to Abuja and this was what it looked like

Which hurt me really bad because this is the singular picture of our CAPITAL they are spreading to the ignorant youth that have no idea what it looks like and this was the hotel Louis stood infront of too meet this prince or whatever

That that was saddening ..

It was this picture that gave me the hint they were talking about the capital of my nation…

By the way this is what one of our Abuja hotels look like from here

And when Louis was supposed to leave she requested for an uber pickup

And this was what arrived

A RHINO, no really, a rhino?

I haven’t even seen a rhino ever in my life and I’ve spent all my years in Nigeria, hell ! There’s no rhino in. west Africa and funny enough we have uber and the drivers are human beings

You might probably thinking “ooh it’s just family guy,it’s banter

But no it’s more than that it’s painting a picture in the minds of the young ones that have no idea what our country or capital looks like

I could rant all day about how the media paints a single picture of Africa ,hence the thought in some peoples head that Africa is a country but no ,I’m done writing

It’s funny how there have always been movements about equality

But no single movement about

Equality of nations, it’s obvious that some nations are stronger and than some , I actually hope that true equality can be achieved in this aspect,

There is also no equality in the media

Now that family guy have made this joke or profiling on our nation if it was a Nigerian cartoon or media that made such a reverse joke about D.C Washington we would look like why is this being condoned.

(I hope your view is broadened by this post, if so, we’re a step closer to the truth.)

I wish I could have a conclusion to this article but I can’t ,there’s too much that hasn’t been said and. there will never be enough

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