Notes from the sick bed.

Nothing gives you more truth about your real friends than when you fall ill

There are those that try to make your stay at the hospital better instead of just staring at the ceilings.

There are those that show up because if they don’t show up they’d look like fake friends and that’s where they are wrong ,their falseness could not be more evident.

There are those that don’t know,it’s cool we understand,

There are those that don’t even give a shit,even when they know(just wish one could telepathically find out these ones.).

There are those that know but then again you aren’t as much of. friends as you thought you were,so they don’t call or send a text or show up,

Then there those we are most grateful for,those that know and send texts and calls and face times and make sacrifices to come see you when you’re ill till you get back to 100 percent health,to these ones. my heart goes out to.