We don’t rate privacy

In the rise of this Evans the kidnapper issue.

when he said it was very easy to know who to kidnap.

It just hit me(not like it isn’t obviously but it all came together at that point).we actually don’t give a shit about privacy in our generation and it makes it easier to perpetrate evil vices.

The whole idea of social media has drifted totally from the facebook “oh let me connect to my friends I’ve lost touch with” of 07.

Fast forward 10 years.

It’s now a global community.

Obviously there have always privacy settings but then again for some reason almost no one keeps their social media private except a select few.(of which it is a total turn off publicly).

I reckon if a kidnapper had Twitter he would have a lot of victims.

Only god knows the amount of personal information that has been revealed in the name of “questionnaires” , although it seems harmless but if you look retrospectively at them you’d realise how much you’ve given away to strangers (by strangers I don’t mean your friends or acquaintances, I mean any random person that can go to your page,stalk and find out so much about you. I might not be correct but by now should have some sense of what I’m saying and what’s worse are stories,

Previously during the earlier years of Snapchat,your snaps couldn’t be viewed except you added the person- it was more like a request.

But now anyone who adds you can view your snaps without your permission .

I am equally as guilty as every other youth in Nigeria that uses social media actively.

Some people are so private towards their family members

Yet have no problem sharing their deepest secrets to newly met strangers.

We plainly don’t respect privacy in this generation and if it would backfire against third-world countries that don’t have much security is left to see. Only time will tell.

If I hear someone say “some people respect their privacy” lmaoooooooo .

But really how will a kidnapper say it is very easy to find his target , we need to do better.

I hope it doesn’t look like I’m tripping because I could care less personally,just felt like putting this out there.

An alternative title would be “social media erodes privacy: is the effect negative on third-world countries”

But that is a would blow it into a whole other dimension.

Have a good day.

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