What happens when your drive is gone?

It’s not just about writing the plans

And taking actions

What do you do when you start for consistent period of time and over time of keeping up

You begin to lose your pace gradually ,then you just come to a halt?

I would blame it on what motivates you there are two types of motivation.

firstly,extrinsic motivation means you’re being. motivated from the outside in

But instrinsic motivation means you

Motivate yourself internally,the drive to do something because it is interesting ,challenging and absorbing,intrinsic motivation is essential for high levels of creativity on performing a task or achieving a goal.

You develop a purpose to your life,you are not born with it

Extrinsic. motivation does not help

Telling yourself you’d fail a course if you don’t read is negative motivation

Positive motivation is something you’re. constructively working towards and you tell yourself the good things that would come out from that challenge

In this case you like the course

You want to ace the course to show you’re good at the course.

Extrinsic or Negative motivation leads to the yo yo effect

If you want to lose weight because of a girl.. That’s negative motivation

What happens when the girl leaves you ?

You go back to being fat

So what to do?

You should probably think about

What motivates you next time

You lack motivation or drive to pursue your goals

Try cut of all forms of negative motivation it can only take you so far, you would probably hit a Plato and go back to where you started from,instead focus on positive and intrinsic motivation ..

Positive vibes only 😎.