Hi again :)
Lizzy Mendivil

Congratulations on purchasing a smart bulb!

Yes, unfortunately, Bluetooth hasn’t released any standard specification for smart bulb characteristics / services, so every manufacturer comes up with their own implementation.

There are two basic approaches for finding the actual commands to control the bulb: guesswork and reverse engineering. You can use the nRF Connect app to get the list of services and characteristics from the bulb. I’d start by googling them and checking if somebody as already reverse engineered them (this was the case for me when I looked into a Bluetooth Brain Wave Reader Device).

You can find a lot more details in a different article, where I explained how I reverse engineered two different Bluetooth bulb models, and found the relevant commands:

If you do succeed in finding the protocol to control this bulb, please share your finding online so other people could also benefit from it (just like I did).

Good luck and happy bulb-hacking :-)