It’s Never Too Late To Develop Your App

I have always been attracted to technology since my childhood. Learning about a new innovation has always been my keen interest. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue in the same direction. Today when everything is about technology I regret about my decision. There has been a question which makes me wonder; is there an age limit to learn?

Yesterday night I read an article which gave me inspiration and question to my answer. No, there is no age limit for learning anything new. “Masako Wakamiya” 81 year old lady from Japan who did not knew how to operate a computer till she was 60 has developed an app for Iphone. She worked at a bank in Japan and served there for 43 years and never used computer in her life. But she was very keen on learning being a person with old traditional values she wanted to teach the young about importance of Hinamatsuri, or Girl’s Day, in Japan.

In the app, named Hinadan — a combination of the words hina, a type of doll, and dan, meaning “tier” — the player must position 12 dolls in their correct positions on a display with four tiers. After the player finishes the game, a congratulatory message pops up.

She did not have any knowledge about programming language, she was taught about Apple’s swift programming language by a “young person” living in Sendai, northeast of Tokyo. He taught her programming via Skype and Facebook Messenger. The images in the app were made by her friend with the shapes on Microsoft Office.

What was the reason to make this App I wondered. The answer I got from the article was amazing. Most of the apps on the smartphones are only for young she developed this app in order to encourage older people who does not want to learn using computers or mobiles.

Now she writes a Blog featuring tutorials on how to make art with Excel, and publishes blogs from her travels to the Mediterranean and New Zealand. Also this inspiring lady runs a club for other retirees on active ageing called the Mellow Club.

This has given me a true inspiration to learn the things which interests me without keeping age in mind.

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