Following is the second incident that happened to me after this and after this I got to know that these guys who are involved in such activities are actually afraid and can be tackled through some situation based handling.

Class 12th: I went to a coaching class which, I did not know, was closed due to some holiday. The centre was located at some abandoned kinda location and since there was no one, it was, well, scary! So, it started raining again! and I thought of staying in a shelter for a while.

· A van arrived, with 5 guys…

There was this video from Kalki Koechlin which I loved because of the message of how everyday crime activities and the hypocrisy of Indian mind can really destroy India’s culture.

This is what we know. We discuss problems, we have Elocution/Debate competitions on these, we blame government to implement solutions on ground level and we still get fucked up! :)

I myself am not a professional in handling rape/sexual harassment incidents, but I do have this intuitive sense of how to behave in those situations. I believe this might be hard for many girls/women and may require an effort…

I was a little bored in my office and started going through those “Employee Wellness” emails stacked up in my mail box. The most recent one was that of an event: Self Defence Training on International Women’s Day. I found something worth spending an hour on and headed up to the event.

Unlike what I expected it to be, it was a knowledge sharing sort of session with a guy who was Survival Trainer and had investigated many cases of Rapes and acid attacks. Here is the summary of it:

  1. Don’t take out anything sharp which is stabbed in your…

(sighs) Being a Lazy traveler

After locking my work laptop, I grabbed my bag and took off earphones. My face is becoming less serious and am enjoying listening to item songs as the 9–5 work’s tiredness wears away. And then, the cell phone rings…

Hey There! I am not a travel blogger, it’s just that, I am trying to get some reviews on my writing skills :\ So, let’s pick Kerela.

Called “God’s own country”, I was welcomed with grand greenery on both sides of the compact roads and then we arrived at our destination in 10 hours of journey…

Urja Pawar

Lazy Traveller

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