Change is Inevitable

A friend and I once visited a forested area next to her society to get away from reality right after exams. At the time, I hated trekking, getting my feet muddy, walking through a river and waking up early for all that. She dragged me anyway. Somehow, we didn’t have time to visit that place for a while but the first time we revisited it..a few months later, we were in for a surprise; No, not the good kind.

Everything had changed tremendously; partly by overgrowth, partly by human intervention. The entire flank which led to the stone path where we’d crossed the river was blocked by overgrowth so we had to go the other way which had a dead end, the beautiful wooden bridge, that had followed the stone path and led to a tree full of monkeys next to the meadow on the other side, seemed to have been removed. The semi waterfall next to which we’d stood was now a waterfall of grimy, slimy plastic-ridden excuse for water. The usual joggers simply went about their business past these melancholy details while we took every little change straight to our hearts.

After that visit, I’d kinda decided I wouldn’t revisit the place because it only gave me new bouts of sadness which couldn’t be resolved easily. Nevertheless, a few days ago, I had woken up early by chance and the weather demanded a walk so I decided to check in. This time, I was armed with prior knowledge, I knew exactly what was wrong and where. Surely, it couldn’t be worse. Of course, it could. The daffodils had grown and encroached upon the rough path which was a positive change since the last time so I walked on a little less apprehensive. So you could imagine my devastation when I saw how the trees we’d rested against were bent with weight and on the verge of uprooting due to the combined effect of the flow of grime and the looseness of the soil.

All of this wouldn’t have affected me otherwise but this time it did, because the moments spent were based on this fundamental piece of reality that had morphed into an irreversible form. That fundamental piece of reality could be a person, a place, a thing you possessed, a gift, a trinket, no matter how small or big. According to the law of nature, change is inevitable. Your reaction to the change determines whether you struggle to stay afloat, inevitably sink or surf the tides of change and stay happy. Whatever change it is that you’re going through, spend a moment to respect that which will be missed, learn what went wrong and try to correct and take your leave from it with dignity. Of course, there’s always a picture, a song, a feeling or a special corner reserved for it which you can revisit anytime but remember it is only to be visited not to be stayed in.

P.S.: Change is inevitable. Your reaction to it determines where you stand.

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