Subtlety isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

How do you tell things the way they are without sounding rude? Or too awkward? Or even forward? The point is, you don’t. Subtlety, formerly known as the art of Queens indirectly ruling through their Kings, just can’t be practiced if you’re someone who just doesn’t have the patience to lie. Subtlety isn’t really lying though; It’s a gentle nudge towards the truth which only the ones smart enough to know can understand.

So, how does one master the art of subtlety?

By connecting without words; by looks, acts and poise. By attempting to master the patience of a mother, the grace of a dancer, the understanding of character of an actor. Or you could just imagine the dire consequences of your loose tongue and that’ll motivate you well enough.

Words truly are the most powerful weapon one can yield. Yet some emotions can barely be encapsulated by the vast variety of them. To do justice to those emotions, is to practice subtlety.

Although straightforwardness avoids unnecessary confusion, it doesn’t hurt to know how well you can emote once in a while without using words. After all, it is said subtlety is the only ornament a woman can wear to make her soul shine and the only shield that can guard a man’s heart.

P.S.: Or you could just not say whatever it is, it’s a slippery slope really. What do you say, Straightforward or Subtle?