How Medium branded authors are building their army of followers

There’s a really fine line between opinions and facts called ‘personal experience’ which is rarely ever considered. In the revolutionary world of blogging, reviewing and writing(both off and on-line), things only matter if they strike a nerve with a ton of people rather than a handful. The words that are being said are given lesser importance than the reaction it causes in the masses.

Credibility goes for a toss when the right people or the right number of them respond to it positively. The most important questions which may be asked by an innocent bystander are taken as a conscious attack on the writer as well as his followers some of these being: On what basis are they stating that? Even if they have had a personal experience regarding the matter have they considered the other possibilities? How many actual experiences are they basing this fact on? Is it possible that their own perspective is deforming the truth of the matter?

The worst part is this doesn’t strike anyone in the first go…you need to really think about it in different ways at different times to come to the realization that maybe the only reason you liked a particular post was because it had a lot of recommendations. Not instantly, but that’s probably what made you read it and probably what completely shunned all negative comments that occurred in the first go and made you falsely believe there was absolutely nothing wrong with it and it was on point. After that, we’re all just puppets on a string. Before we’ve even read it, we know we’re going to like it. So, the next time you’re about to proclaim strong feelings about something…think about it for a second, then go ahead if you’re convinced by the amount of research done because you never know how many people you influence.

P.S.: This post isn’t an opinion. It’s a fact based on the observation of controversial posts by highly influential authors on medium itself.

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