You are not alone

I’m here with you

This fills you up with a nice comfortable warmth, doesn’t it? Probably the first statement more than the second one. Maybe you’ve decided it’s stupid by just reading the title and have clicked anyway to revel how right you were; Or maybe you’re somewhere in between these two degrees.

Being alone unlocks two basic gates in any person; the fear of loneliness and the freedom of being alone and independent. When you’re ready to unlock these doors, the transition is simple and very less dramatic. Life doesn’t do things that way though; It likes throwing you into spots where you have to decide clearly and instantly despite the chaos of all of it. If you’re an experienced person you’d probably see it coming.

Nevertheless, if being alone scares you, it’s something you should worry about. It means you aren’t comfortable believing that someday you’ll be paddling your own boat through the rough’ll be the captain and the chef and the steerage and the passenger. Remember, knowing you’re on your own reveals your fears or your desires depending on how much you believe in yourself. Oh and nobody’s going to believe in yourself if you don’t so you better get to it and save some time. In the meantime, let’s hope you see it coming when Life throws you into the rough seas next.

P.S.: The queen(king) may have her(his) ministers by her(his) side but eventually s(he) has to call the shots on her(his) own.