Natasha Noel- The Nike Warrior Phoenix!

There are tons of people around doing really amazing things. Thanks to the real time sharing through so many platforms, it is very convenient to feel like a loser any time of the day!.

If you are trying to write, you might be scrolling through your feeds and see other people in the same category reeling in thousands of likes and followers.You on the other hand are dawdling around in double digits when it comes to your followers. If you are a wannabe runner, you might think of running away from your current life, given the fact that you are being an absolute potato furniture in comparison to those people who are just making insane mean machines of their body. If you are a yogi, you will fuck up your own zen by looking at the gravity defying activities people are up to. So in short all I am saying is that more than inspiration on some days , it can even trigger fleeting flashes of depression!

I know the tenacity of my mind and I try and work around it before I snap. I scroll around only to get a snuff of inspiration here and there but stop it before it becomes puke fest followed by a hangover.

Though there are couple of celebrities I admire, I am not very gung ho enough to actually go and take autographs, pictures or even to interact for that matter. I know this about myself because I used to be the in- charge of a very popular college fest that was muscled around by the off springs of big shots of the town. Due to this, I did have quite a lot of opportunities to meet quite a lot of celebrities.

Honestly speaking not once have I been star struck. Most of the time I would be totally put off by the bitchiness of his/her manager or scandalized by their booze requirement to be procured in to a nunnery of a college or how foot in mouth these celebrities can be when their stuff is not scripted for them.

But this one time I had my total fan girl moment! This is the saga of how I broke my fan girl virginity. I have recently warmed up to using Instagram to it’s fullest potential after realizing how handy a tool it can be to get your art work across people.

I mostly follow yogis, artists, lettering artists, food experts. What blissful combination:). While most of them put out a lot of staged poses and pictures. This one account has been a consistent dose of reality day in and day out. I have been following her keenly because her content is such, raw and real.She has her ups and downs, breakdowns, insecurities, excitement all dished out for everyone to feast,pick or point at.

As I mentioned that I am actively working on my digital presence especially when it comes to my artwork. I am still shooting content from under my introvert tortoise shell while doing so. Even with so much of curated, correct content, it is bloody difficult to get content out daily!.

And this starlet bares almost every update of her life real time!. In addition to being a poster girl of flexibility, she is this epitome of inner and outer strength. She is definitely a force to reckon with!.She makes her virtual presence very real with her real issues as common as each one of us experience. Thus making it very relatable. I think I know almost all the people in her life that she has shared and all that is happening with her.

She has made it so real for her followers that when she said that she is having her workshop in Pune, I was bloody psyched.I could not attend her first workshop. For the second one when all the stars aligned right, I was able to make it.

It was at a studio in my area. Well when I reached the studio, I was greeted by the graceful host who is a Kathak dancer, Nayantara. I had already seen and heard about her through one of my students. She was all the more graceful and warm in person. I think the apt word to express her demeanor would be ‘nazakat’.

I was already quite impressed by the start. Then I see this short power ball of a person, the starlet herself. The poster girl, revolutionary renegade herself…NATASHA NOEL.

Nike Warrior Phoenix-Natasha Noel.Painting by Urmila Menon #urmilamenonart

When I first saw her I wanted to give her a nice hug!. She seemed pleasant and formal. I was wondering why is she being so distant?. D’oh’, I have been following her for a while now and know everything shared about her, the vice-versa obviously wasn’t the case!

She looked radiant and vibrant unlike her shabby versions on her Instagram.If one goes to think, it is generally the opposite for people, Photoshop, best photo with the best filter and absolute eyesore, inside out in person. This aspect further surprised me about her.

It started with some normal awkward conversations. She has made it amply clear through her Instagram posts and videos, what an awkward soul she is.She was exactly the same in person as well. No hangups, no pretension, just plain awkward with a dash of nervous double meaning humor(my favorite type to crack and enjoy) here and there. We are all awkward in our own way, but we choose to vent it, fake it, exercise it, express it differently.

I have seen her do the most anatomically impossible things with her body through Yoga on Instagram. She moves like a dark poetry unleashed fluently,but there was no stunt mania in person. .She would just show us once as a demo and was more keen and focused on getting the participants to do their best.

She kept interspersing small snippets of life lessons as well. Her knowledge about the human body was on point. A lot of the yoga instructors/ classes especially the non-traditional ones treat , the body , mind and soul as mutually exclusive elements. They treat the human body like a BDSM slave boot camp.While there are some traditional classes where they take so slow that it seems like the evolution of a slow motion snooze fest reloaded.

So Natasha’s workshop was the perfect punch of strength, flexibility, dynamism, unbreakable spirit, endurance and soulful at the same time. It was a personification of herself.What ever be the issue she rises like a warrior Phoenix!.

We are finally in those times where we don’t value just the select professions of engineering, medicine and the likes and discriminate artists, writers and other such non-conventional professions.But there are still things we as a society are still hung up on- goals,achievements and results. We only reckon those people as inspiration, those who have achieved something.

How about we have a talk with someone who has deviated from the normal path and is yet to reach his/her destination? How about we listen to their real journey to get inspired instead of just being in awe of distant achievements that seem too far off.

Though Natasha Noel is way beyond, what I may be able to achieve when it comes to Yoga she is relatable af. She is blatant with about her regular Joe issues like cellulite, stretch marks, insecurities, relationships, mood swings, uncontrollable cheat days, not being to keep up with your fitness goals.Even though this phenomenon of a person does what she does, she doesn’t feel so impossibly perfect, which I think is refreshingly inspiring.

What she does is by no means a small feat, putting your daily life out there for all to judge, baring your soul, being comfortable in your skin in the world of dicks and dick pics!

Well after the session, as I collected sore remains of my body, I wanted to convey all of this to her. But she was already hijacked by some enthu -cutlet:).So I just resorted to an awkward bye, some lame attempt to start a conversation by repeating some stale question that was already addressed.

I wanted to tell her that I am also a Mallu:) and also super awkward so many times! and that she comes in my rare celebrity-league who can make me a tongue tied fan-girl, in which currently I just have Milind Soman sauntering around being fine as wine:)!.