As more people rely on accessing services online the role of UX design has become increasingly important in our digitized world. Transformation is happening in every industry, from agriculture to government. Technology is prevalent across all aspects of our daily lives. Take the way we shop as an example. More and more people now use digital apps to shop for everything from electronics to ‘what they will eat’ for dinner tonight.

At its core, the experience of shopping online is somewhat consistent. Users use an application to browse and select their products, enter their credit card information, and receive their purchases shortly thereafter at their doorstep. This neat and tidy experience is a result of a series of decisions that designers and engineers make to create a medium of exchange that originates in the virtual world and materializes in the consumer’s hands. …

At Design Centered Co. we are thrilled to announce our partnership with a first of its kind fund in Canada dedicated to helping social enterprises scale up and significantly expand the scope and reach of their social impact. The Procurement and Investment Readiness Fund (PIRF) is a grant fund in Ontario that will support social enterprises to assess their procurement and investment readiness, and to access the services and capacity building supports necessary to successfully compete for procurement and investment opportunities.

Design Centered Co. was selected to be on the PIRF pre-approved service provider list because they embrace the vital knowledge sharing approach to build social enterprise capacity. …

Impact Centered Design (ICD) is a framework for designing solutions that focus on consciously creating impact. The process requires designers to research and establish impact objectives at the front-end of the creative process. The term “designer” here applies to anyone who is involved in the creation of tangible or intangible objects, products, processes, strategy, services, and experiences.

Leading with an Impact Statement designers are guided through different stages of the framework to explore ideas, test hypothesis, and strategically develop solutions keeping in context the specific environment, purpose and mission, stakeholders, capacity, and other operational processes. …


Urooj Qureshi

Pro Adventurer and Founder of Design Centered Co., I think of myself as an activist explorer and creator of ideas.

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