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It is always a good thing to follow a certain coding style when writing code. WordPress is unfortunately ripe for spaghetti coding, aka doing whatever you want. It doesn’t follow any strict object oriented approach and doesn’t use an MVC pattern. But you can still write good code if you stick to certain rules and conventions.

Why you need to apply WordPress coding standards to your codebase

  • Avoid your codebase becoming a big mess. If there are no standards applied to your code, then it can quickly become a big mess. Especially when there is more developers working on the same code. …

Originally published on the Sprint Works Blog

Sometimes you work with a client that just have some simple content that needs to be updated; like a news feed/some list/table-data, maybe already created in a Google Spreadsheet. What if you could use that data on a Jekyll website? Well, of course you can. Let’s do this.

The Google Drive API

First, head over to The IAM-admin in Google Developers API Console. The API Console lets you discover and use Google APIs, such as Google Drive, Maps and YouTube…

Create a new project

Originally published on the Sprint Works Blog

Adding search functionality to Jekyll (or whatever static site generator you are using) is not hard or complicated. In this walkthrough I will show you how to make an simple but fast and instant search for your website. I will be using just Vanilla JavaScript with some ES6.

I have been using the excellent lunr.js lately, a blazing-fast simple full text search engine for client side applications. It is designed to be small, yet full featured, enabling you to provide a great search experience without the need for external, server side, search services…

Recently we launched a tiny side project called WordPress Plugin UI template, a simple resource with the simple goal of empowering WordPress developers making beautiful banners and icons for their plugins.

In this post, I will walk through the steps for building the website, accepting payments via Stripe using Checkout, the best payment flow, on web and mobile.

We’re also going to automate some things using Zapier and the Multi-Steps Zaps which they launched in 2016.

Core idea

The idea behind this little project, was to make it a bit easier for developers when submitting their plugins to the official WordPress plugin…

Recently I made the new Staytube website in React and needed to make Ajax-requests. The question was how? And what is the “right” or “preferred” way? The answer is it depends: Depends on the size of your app, the complexity of your app, on the tools you’re using..

Being a React beginner myself, I went for a fairly simple approach (without Flux/Redux), but thought I would make a little writeup.

YouTube API

Staytube is a simple website dedicated to great full length concerts from YouTube. I’m exploring the concept on “Using YouTube as CMS”. The website is communicating with a playlist on…

Recently we made two small company websites for Blendow Group — blendow.se and bgpublishing.se. We decided to build them using Jekyll and host them on GitHub Pages. Since our client is pretty tech-savvy and knows their way around Markdown and HTML we could choose this solution knowing they could update and edit their sites easily themselves. Both sites also require very little change as they’re basically just promoting the digital products that Blendow offers (like BG Play and Legal Career that we’ve previously built for them).

GitHub pages

GitHub Pages are public web pages hosted for free through GitHub. In add-on to…

“If Only I Had A Penny For Everytime I’ve been missing an API key.”

Setting up projects locally needs a good way organizing API keys and other secret info that your repo needs to work properly. Keeping the repo readme updated is super important making sure everyone in your teams knows how to setting up the repo locally. But how do we share secret stuff, like API keys?

First of all: never version control API-keys in your repo. Instead use .envrc files. The .envrc file should be added to your .gitignore patterns. …

Urban Sandén

Makes the web easy to use. Making @linknest, @jazztps, @browsersverige, @stay_tube…

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