Socialism of the Heart

Socialism is to many somewhat of a dirty word. It borders on and may even be considered an evil concept. It is a word. It has meaning and as Shakespeare said nothing is good or bad until thinking makes it so (my paraphrase). Without respect to a political leaning, I think there is a type of socialism that we could all welcome.

Samuel “Golden Rule” Jones said, “what I want for me, I want for everybody.” Imagine for a moment, outside of finance, economics, and wealth distribution, this being the predominate ideolgy in our nation. Some of us live in communities where everyone has an abundance. While there may be competition for who has the best Christmas decorations or who the HOA gives the yard of the month to, there is no concern as to whether or not the enrichment of one household takes away from a neighbor down the street.

The doctor expects the lawyer to do well and prosper. There is an understanding that scarcity is not a problem and as a result they have great neighborhoods, low crime, excellent schools and all lives are better. It is hard to see the downside of communities of people all doing well.

What I want for me…

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness along with so much more. I want peace and great opportunities for my children. I want to live with purpose and know that my existence matters. I want to feel safe and take risks. I want respect and honor and I want to be heard. I want to work hard and be rewarded handsomely for it. I want to fill up my intended space in the world and burst at the seams, and such much more.

What I want for you…

I want all that I want for me, and all that you want for you. I don’t want you to conform to my vision of life. I want you to be the perfect expression of who you were created to be. I want you to receive everything that God intended for you to have and I want to participate in that plan in whatever way that I can.

When the Christian church was born, they decided to share all that they had so that there was no waste or lack. Their action was not one of legislation it was a matter of the heart. I love is often expressed by what and how I give. For God so loved…that He gave. It really can be that simple.

This is not an economic issue or a case for political policy. This is about the heart of men and women at their best. This is humanity at the pinnacle of it’s existence.

What I want for me, I want for you and you and you and you. Imagine living in that world. I do and I hope that you will join me in helping to create it.



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