How to get ISO 9001 certification QMS System

ISO 9001 Certification is intended to upgrade the performance of management at small/midsize firms. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization, this certification is not command by government or industry, but some Common clients require it. Getting certified requires a two-phase audit performed by an accredited body. After prime certification, surveillance audits are performed annually to confirm a company’s system of quality management remains compliant.

There are some steps to get ISO 9001 certification as following.

Train all workers to learn common needs of the company’s System of Quality Management and how the system relates to ISO 9001 Standard. Make sure they are knowledgeable of the quality policy and any procedures that affect directly to their work. Some firm use certified internal auditors, such as expert, to give training. Others bring in consultants.

Search and choose a certification body. A Certification Body will become a long-term partner with a firm seeking certification because of the need for ongoing surveillance audits. The best place to find a certification body is directly by the accreditation body.

Application a pre assessment, the certification body is not only allowed to consult but also can give some advance assistance in the form of an initial audit, which can be seen such as a trial run. The firm can find out what it is like to work directly with the auditors of certification body without risk, because there is no pass or fail in a pre assessment. The company can also ensure whether the Quality Management System meets requirements and has been implemented effectively also. 
Plan a documentation analysis. A pre assessment is optional, but a documentation analysis is required. This represents phase one of the registration process and will involve an audit of documentation required for certification to ISO 9001 compliance, such as the quality manual and top level policies and procedures. 
Plan a registration audit. The Second phase registration audit will be an intense assessment of the company’s System of Quality Management. The number of auditors and audit days will be calculated based on the size of company. The audit will involve interviews with workers at all levels of the firm and observation of processes being performed. A sampling of records will also be reviewed.

ISO 9001 certification for its framework of quality administration acknowledgment from the International Organization for Standardization approves that quality procedures and frameworks meet particular criteria for guaranteeing reliable and determined enhancing quality frameworks that satisfy client necessities.