ISO TS 16949 Standard Certification in Automotive

TS 16949 Standard require that a system be in place to promote consistent control over processing, a system that regularly improves the performance of process because it is a standard for quality assurance, its criteria pertain to action affecting the quality standard of products/services offered to customers. A firm pursuing certification to TS 16949 standard requirements to indicate that its processes affecting the quality are systemically managed.
When a farm begins the implementation proceedings, the first step is to identify all requirements and determine how they apply to automotive firm. Next quality products will need to be established and a plan for implementing them into the organization will be required. Policy documentation will need to be created to show how the requirements are being satisfied.

Upon completing the policies & procedures, the firm is required to send the updated policies out company wide. Once the workers receive the updated policies the management teams can monitor how the changes are doing. The monitoring process will effectively help in the customization of the policies & procedures and allow for documentation to be created as well.
Consider the final changes and corrections made to the system are another essential part to verifying the new processes work. To accurately verify the procedure, constant monitoring is required to make sure the new procedures are effective and there are no additional problems. When everything is running smoothly an internal audit is performed, during the audit process the procedure is monitored and made sure that the employees are working with it at all times. When the inner audit has been completed and all is satisfactory, an external audit is next.

The external audit will review active documentation and plans for updates and other changes that are going to be made to the system. Also the audit is performed with an accredited body in order to confirm the process is working properly. In addition to the review of the process the guide & procedures are also evaluated. When the audit has been completed and the company receives a passing grade they are permit their ISO 16949 standard certification.
ISO TS 16949 Standard is a global standard for the quality assurance and customer satisfaction in automotive industry. If par as a standard measures golf performance, and a ruler as a standard estimate length, what does QMS ISO TS 16949 as a standard measure? Answer: quality management systems. The qms standard is applied to firms’ quality management systems to determine the degree to which these systems satisfy a given set of accepted criteria.