#desvacances mid-month update

There are 10 days left in #desvacances and though I have not lost any weight, I’ve definitely gotten rid of bloating, re-adapted to burning fat for fuel, and my energy balance is better (though I still have a problem prioritizing sleep).

I wonder how I will feel when I resume drinking cocktails? It is diametrically opposed to the low-carb lifestyle primarily because of the sugar, but also because of the impact of alcohol on the liver. Adapting to this month of no sugar or alcohol wasn’t particularly difficult. It’s pretty close to how I normally eat. I focused a lot more on not letting things slip as much as I had been this year. A little ice cream here, a little pie there just wasn’t working for me. Friday “off plan” day was resulting in indulging a little too much throughout the entire weekend.

The rules of #desvacances are eat real food, consume no sugar, no sweeteners, no alcohol, little to no fruit (basically the handful of cherries I had in the freezer), take it easy on dairy, no grains or starches. It may sound restrictive to folks unacquainted with the low-carb lifestyle, but it’s not really. I eat as much meat, eggs, and vegetables as I want. I started on July 30 and will finish on August 30.

Yes I’m in ketosis and to manage potential “keto flu” symptoms, I’ve been taking electrolyte salt pills in the morning before I walk to work and before I go to bed and any time I felt weirdly crampy or knew I was going to be sweating in the heat. I’ve also been drinking plenty of water.

A typical day of eating on weekdays is iced matcha tea (I don’t drink coffee) with collagen powder and a spoonful of heavy whipping cream, a couple of slices of bacon, a couple of scrambled eggs, and half an avocado for breakfast, a late lunch of Cobb salad or sashimi, and then dinner varies. Last night it was egg salad with some bacon, and broccoli. Sometimes I skip lunch altogether because I don’t get hungry or I get busy enough that I just decide to wait ’til dinner. If I need a snack, I keep olives, pili nuts, and cheeese whisps in my desk. For supplements, I take vitamin D3, a couple of spoons of olive oil, and the aforementioned electrolytes. I may add a multivitamin to the mix in the future, but I seem to be doing fine.

One curiosity is I ended up, kind of accidentally, avoiding nuts (except for pili nuts). It wasn’t planned. I just forgot to buy any. I am now wondering if they contribute to my ongoing yet random foot pain, which has been curiously absent this entire time. I think the culprit is cashews, which is sad. But they are one of the higher carb nuts that I should be avoiding anyway. Some people have problems with legumes and I just might be one of them.

The other curiosity is I have lost absolutely no weight. It’s just been hovering like it usually does. I didn’t have any water weight to lose like folks who transition to low carb from the standard american diet, so I wasn’t expecting anything dramatic. I was just hoping to lose a few. There is always an adjustment period so I think, if I were to extend this past the 32 days I have planned this round, I’d probably see some results. I am traveling quite a bit next month so I don’t think I will extend it. But I am planning another round in October-potentially going zero carb aka carnivore or dairy-free. I am also planning on Dry January (and potentially a bit of February). Hopefully I will decide most of this by the end of the month.

I’ve missed hanging out at bars and exploring cocktail menus, but getting my body fat-adapted again was of critical importance to my overall health.

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