Contingency Plan: Bitcoin Hard Fork

This post dates back to March 20. Almost 3 months later, we stand two weeks before the first critical August 1 date. Are there any updates to this post in sight — updates to the information on whether the trezor wallet will support BTU and make them available to BTC holders in the trezor wallet parallel and in addition to the BTC core coins.

The statement above “ If you need your BTU coins right at the moment of the fork, you can restore your recovery seed in a BTU-compatible wallet.“ js disconcerting since it does not clarify what exactly would have to be done by BTC holders in order to access their BTU. It may well be possible that time is of the essence to optimize the value of ones BTC holdings. If the split occurs and BTC get doubled up by BTUs, these BTUs may need to be accessible and disposable instantly. What exactly can be expected from in this event? How long will it take for the BTUs to become available parallel to BTCs? Will execute the coin splitting necessary for that?

Also still unclear is the situation with the replay attack. The wallet needs to be — as you mentioned — protected from replay attacks (which would be the case if you manage to successfully split the coins and make them available). What is the actual status of this development and by when can a solution be expected?

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