Foxy Brown

The day Foxy came home / Our last Christmas together / The new gal, Debbie Harry

Foxy Brown my stupidly-big, flashy, impractical, ostentatious Buick Enclave went back to the dealership on Monday. Our time together had come to an end — my lease ended. In her place I brought home a much more practical, albeit kinda cute, alternative. It’s the least excited I have ever been about a new car. (Also… #FirstWorldProblems)

It’s fitting Foxy went back to the dealer on the day of the Spring Equinox, a day of new beginnings. Giving up Foxy Brown was the last hold out from that life I used to live — the life where I didn’t have to be so picky about how I spent my money because my family had two regular paychecks.

That’s just not my life anymore.

Sometimes choosing the life we truly desire over whatever life was before brings about a set of consequences — choices that have to be made — that don’t always feel so great. And my precious snowflakes, giving up Foxy Brown, decidedly, did not feel great. In fact, I handled her trade-in with all the grace of a teenager that just lost her phone privileges because she didn’t do her chores.

Life is SO UNFAIR! *fish flop on the couch and pout*

I miss Foxy Brown’s wood and leather steering wheel, her plush leather seats and the way she glided down the highway like a boat on calm waters. I miss the way her interior lit up like a rocket ship at night. I miss the feeling of luxury I had every time I slipped in her doors. More than anything, I miss her Bose sound system.

Like, a lot.

Every time I get in the new car (I’ve named her Debbie Harry because she’s a blondie too), I try to find one thing I like more about her than Foxy Brown.

It’s been a stretch — Foxy was the creme de la creme — but there are a few things I like about her better. Debbie Harry is more aerodynamic, she heats up faster and instead of having to work a full-time j-o-b to afford her, I get to spend my time building places (both at the SheHive and with my corporate clients) “where individuality is not just embraced, but celebrated. An evolved world where we merge our unique selves to create a vibrant, joyful, eclectic existence. A place where discovering your true self is not a privilege of the wealthy or well-educated, but an opportunity available to all who seek it. A place where success is not defined by wealth or power, but by health, emotional well-being and personal enlightenment.”

That last part in quotes, by the way, is from a Personal Vision Statement I wrote for myself in May 2015, when the SheHive was just a budding idea in my head.

Last week the women who are participating in the A Life On Purpose series finished up their personal vision statements and shared them with the group. It reminded me that it might be a good time to look at my own again, so I pulled it out of my archives. What good timing that all was… a reminder just when I needed it again, when the consequences of my decisions were about to get a little more uncomfortable, of WHY I am doing what I am doing.

We often forget that a purposeful and fulfilling life has to start with a vision of where you are going. (Science even says so.)

You need a destination before you can build a roadmap. You also need a guiding star when the road gets bumpy… it’s pretty damn enticing just to give up otherwise.

Do you know where you are going?

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