Slow down

The last sunset of my annual girls’ trip to Florida

​This past week has been one of hard decisions…

Some I had to make, some that were made for me. All changed the trajectory of what I was expecting of the foreseeable future in pretty big ways.Luckily I am still on my annual girls’ trip in Florida, surrounded by the love and support of the amazing women in my family. It also means that there is distance between me and home so I can’t rush to action and try to “fix” everything. In fact, I’ve just had to sit here for the last few days, stuck in the muck of uncertainty and inaction. I. Hate. The. Muck.

But as much as I hate the muck, I love the possibility of what lies ahead more.

Having all these days to just sit in possibility, sans any true action, was a rare gift. Granted, it didn’t always feel like a gift — I had definite moments of panic and sadness. But mostly it felt good to just dream and not *do* for a period of time.

That’s not a gift I give myself very often.

Much of what we do at the SheHive, particularly any of the workshops I lead, are based upon the Intentional Change Theory (ICT) — a scientific road map of how people develop and grow. The first step in ICT is dreaming of what might be — defining the ideal future. It sounds so simple but it is, in actuality, a step most of us often bypass in favor of action. We start planning and doing before we ever really know where we actually want to go.

Or where we thought we wanted to go, as the case may be.

I thought I knew what my ideal future was.

I learned this week that the universe (that beautiful task master!) had other ideas. I was forced to reevaluate — go back to step one of the process and dream some more. I had to slow down — practice a little of what I preach.It all reminded me that it is the journey — not the destination — that is the important part of the story. The juicy goodness.

I invite you to join me in slowing down.

At the end of this month we will be kicking off a new, six-month signature series at the SheHive — S.H.E.: the Story of Her Evolution. Meeting once a month, S.H.E. will lead you through a set of conversations, exercises and art projects that will help you define your ideal future — your ideal life story. I’m so excited about this series — it marries the heart and the head, science and art — but mostly it gives us all the much-needed to space to do lots of dreaming.

Join me on the journey?

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