Oh you’ve watched a woman being harassed on public transport and walked away feeling helpless, contemplating as to weather you’d get into trouble as well if you intervened?

As much as I hate to say it #MeToo

Have you been catcalled and whistled at while walking on the street and ignored it because that’s the less confrontational and less “public scene” like option.

As much as I hate to say it #MeToo

Got any friends with horror stories about how they’ve been touched inappropriately, by people of different walks of life, and you feel helpless cause you can’t do anything about it?

As much as I hate to say it #MeToo

Oh so you have friends who come meet you for coffee with blue and black bruises on their arms, left there by in laws, and you feel terrible cause you can’t fight their battles for them?

As much as I hate to say it #MeToo

Have you come across a status or story of an account of abuse that you find relatable because you’ve gone through the same thing but you’re not comfortable talking about it?

This can’t come as a surprise but #MeToo

Last but not least does the sheer magnitude of those statuses that bear the words “ME TOO” scare the living day lights out of you?

Yes I understand


In knowing all of this and experiencing all of this understand dear girls and boys men and women! Individuals of all genders casts and creeds and orientations you have the power to change the #MeToo Campaign to a proactive one!

You have the power to change the outcome so you will in days to come see posts about how people stood up for others!

For example

“ Just called out an individual in the bus for harassing another “

Oh you did?


Change is now! Be Brave, Be Proactive

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