No, it’s Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon. They do better Trump and Hillary.

Teaching racism through Donald Trump

“Who is that guy?” my youngest brother asked when I was binge-watching SNL’s presidential debate. He was interested because of my maniacal laughing and seal-clapping.

“It’s Donald Trump, America president candidate,” I told him. Well, the correct answer was, actually, Alec Baldwin; but he was acting as the Orange Gropey Man. So yeah.

Like any other kid around, my brother kept on shooting questions about Trump. Like, “Is he good?”; “Why is his mouth like that?”; “Do you like him?; and “Who will win the election? Him or the lady?”

(Funny, he didn’t ask about Kate ‘Hillary Clinton’ McKinnon)

“The lady will win,” I answered nonchalantly. To be honest, I wasn’t very sure; but any logical person would swing to Hillary’s win, right?

“Why?” another question shot from this curious 5th grader boy.

I thought for a while. There was no way I could say, “Because he likes to sexually harass women; and just so misogynistic he should just bury himself already.”

No. His head would go BOOM right away.

So I just replied, “Because he is a racist.”

Brother tilted his head. Wow, I finally added a new word to that clean sheet brain of his.

“That means, he doesn’t want people other than true Americans; like Mexicans, for example, to live there,” I explained before he could ask.

My brother was quite for a few minutes, trying to digest the new piece of reality I just gave him. I continued watching McKinnon copying Hillary’s shimmy and Baldwin doing the legendary ‘Wrong. Wrong. Wrooooooong.’

“So J will be forced to return?” he finally said something. J is another brother of mine, 11 years older than him; 2 years younger than me. He is currently studying electrical engineering in Minnesota; enjoying youth with his Vietnamese girlfriend.

I haven’t heard Trump’s plan for Asians, but well, he got several comments about China (which he read ‘Chyna’, ‘Shyna’, and sometimes ‘Ghyna’ like — wtf China doesn’t sound like a word anymore). So, to keep it short, they: 1) stole Americans jobs, 2) created global warming, and 3) ripped America to shreds.

I assumed that he doesn’t really like Asians (represented by China). And since we were part Japanese, part Chinese, and part Indonesian, I (again) assumed that Trump wouldn’t like my brother that much.

“Yeah, he will send J home,” I finally said. “Together with the Mexicans, and other non-Americans. And mind you, that’s bad. So, so, so bad. A good leader will never do that.”

Right at that moment, my brother’s face turned sour — like I just dropped stink bomb in the room.

“The lady should win!” he murmured. Again, my brother didn’t bother to ask Clinton’s name. I asked for an explanation right away, hoping for a smart answer.

Would he say that, racism is bad and whoever leads America in the future should embrace diversity? Or, Trump is such a bad and gross man that even a 5th grader can’t handle him?

Or maybe, simply because Trump is ugly. But that’s judgmental and sooo wrong.

“Well, because if J returns, I don’t know if I still can play Pokemon everyday,” my brother said, furiously. “He is so strict, you know! He will be so angry if my eyes are glued to the screen!”

There. There. There. Apparently my speech about racism went through his head and vanished in thin air. This 10 year old boy could care less about the future of Asians, Mexicans, Hispanics in America.

He was against racism and Trump not because he cared about diversity and human rights. Simply because he didn’t want to lose his: playing Pokemon from morning to night — until Cyndaquil evolves into Typhlosion.

What about me? Well, I think I just failed in fulfilling my duty as a sister; to raise a man with golden heart.

But let’s look at the bright side! I have an aspiring Pokemon Master to be! And I can stop preaching about morality and humanity from now on.

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