The Invisible Mother
Kayt Molina

Lovely article and sweet and short! Thank you. I am a stay at home mom to three children and yes, my oldest, the most egocentric of my 3 kiddos once time told me: “But mom, don’t you see I’m busy right now? Besides you don’t work, can you do it for me?”

We had a semi-long chat about how I worked at home, and how we both had the privilege that I stayed home with them. But one conversation will not cut it. Is a daily reminder for them that not all parents can afford to have one stay at home parent. It is a something special and super hard to do but it is worth it.

Finally, I’m a DIY blogger too, and I blog at night or early in the am. They know I love to blog and craft and when they want something during this time that I’m blogging, I remind them, that mommy also has personal interests and passions I’d like to pursue and to please respect my time and wait for whatever it is, at least for a few minutes ;) One last thing, I agree with one commenter that said this could be a terrific book!

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