The Hay Group Singapore: HR Masterclass Workshop Series | Remuneration Management

The Remuneration Management workshop will help you implement and maintain a robust reward management system that supports your strategic organisational objectives.

It also provides the basic know-how using Hay Group methodologies and other concepts to analyse, design and implement pay structures; and discusses real-life situations surrounding the sensitive issue of pay.

Benefits to you:

After attending this workshop, you are able to:

• understand components of a pay structure: salary as part of total remuneration, grading options, pay ranges, pay progression mechanisms, other features, and ‘traditional pay’ versus ‘new pay’

• analyse pay practice: scattergrams, lines of best fit, compa ratios, survey information and pay market comparison

• execute policy setting and costing: putting numbers to a policy and determining the cost of the policy

• review pay: distributing pay, performance-related pay, pay matrices budget controls.

Who should attend:

You cannot afford to miss this session if you are a HR professional, generalist and reward specialist.

Workshop outline:

Module 1: What is Reward Management

• Overview

• Reward Management in the Business Context

Module 2: Reward Management Approach

• Step 1: Job Sizing & Grading

• Step 2: Analysis of Internal Equity

• Step 3: Analysis of External Comparison

• Step 4: Develop Reward Policy

• Step 5: Implementation


Hay Group Singapore office, Raffles Room

Investment cost:

S$1,500 + GST

*Investment cost is inclusive of lunch and two coffee breaks. Early bird and group discounts are available. You will be contacted of the workshop cost once your registration has been processed.


Please contact Dorcas Ong at +65 9459 9913 or

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