Would you publish your content as Facebook Instant Articles?

Facebook opened publishing Instant Articles during their last F8 conference. What does this mean for you as an author or reader? Opinions are all over the place. Is Facebook just trying to get more content into their walled garden? Or is it creating a new way of sharing content that loads faster, looks nicer and has a richer set of features?

What are Facebook Instant Articles?

Instant Articles are only available on the mobile version of Facebook Apps. Instant Articles load fast. And Facebook has done a nice job on the user interface. It reads easy, and there are several gimmicks you can do with your media:

  • Movies will auto play embedded within the flow of the article.
  • You can create slide shows with multiple images
  • There is a new cool zoom and tilt function that pans the portion of the image shown in the screen depending on how you tilt your phone.

Technically Instant Articles are written in a subset of HTML5 and are scrapped of all script and CSS. They are therefore smaller and include just the “Meat” of the article: Media and text. Thats why they load faster and are thus better for mobile users.

An instant article is a mobile version of its web counterpart. It is important to understand that Instant Articles will not show on the desktop version of Facebook, the web version will be shown then.

What does this mean for the future of social media?

Is it just another fad? An intent by Facebook to get more content into its walled garden? These are questions that can not be answered until you just try. But you are a busy person and getting up and running on the technical details of this new technology is not just what you needed. So we created a tool for you to test how does your content feel on instant articles in a matter of minutes.

With this tool you can:

  • Select content from your existing social media channels (Twitter, Facebook page, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Upload your photos
  • Select a story title, description and main image
  • And share it in your or your pages Facebook timeline

We also provide the base article as either a slide show or a timeline view in our site.

Seeing is believing. Try it and make your own opinion about Facebook Instant Articles. What are they good for, and if they will make a difference on the way you publish things.

A link to the authoring page is here!