Republicans Still Have A Chance to Repeal Obamacare — If They Can Take It
Charlie Gerow

this article begins on a false premise. Obamacare failed? that divisive statement does not set an article up for much merit. Obamacare succeeded in getting coverage to people who otherwise wouldn’t have health insurance, and it helped people with pre-existing conditions get any policy at all. Many of the flaws are a direct result of republican opposition. Now, with all this influence, republicans had an opportunity to make a better plan by working across party lines, and create something truly lasting for Americans. instead a small group of crony capitalists have been attempting to pass an entitlement program for the rich, at expense of everyone else! the republicans took something flawed, threw it in a dumpster, covered it with tires and gasoline — threw in a match. And expect support? what a disgrace

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