Uncovered: Did you know the travel industry is not using progressive technology to grow?

URTravel Introduces New Technology Channels with Blockchain Integration, Bringing Travel Further Mainstream

Humanity witnessed its first automated airline booking system, a Magnetic Storage Drum developed by American Airlines in 1946, and after a centurial change, still, the problems for travelers and travel providers have only grown wider. Many successful online travel agencies realized travelers were going across multiple websites looking for deals on airline fares so taking the opportunity they created Kayak, allowing customers to find airline pricing results across various sites with one search. Unfortunately for travelers and travel providers, Metasearch proved nothing more than a tool for third parties to monopolize the Internet for booking hotels, flights and activities. These online marketplaces would impose up to 25–37% additional commission to the booking fees that proves fatal for both parties. In the past years’ technology made minimal effort towards the innovation for the travel industry, and the same fraudulent process has been repeated, earning these third parties a hefty amount of travelers money which is on the increase each passing year and a user database of millions of travelers. This user database can be utilized to provide a traveling ecosystem with customized personal experience, and yet there is no global loyalty program available to this date that can benefit travelers or travel providers like URTravel. These asymmetries in the traveling ecosystem have led to additional booking fees, delays in payments, and non-transferable rewards that have only added the cost for travelers instead of adding value.

The Travel Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries and requires a sophisticated streamline service which can help eliminate the redundant Online Travel Agencies. Travel stands for freedom and not dictation in any manner. Where companies like Expedia, Priceline and booking dot com have created elaborate ecosystems to fool travelers, and some companies like URTravel will be providing superior services to travelers and travel providers as compared to these other Online Travel Agents.

URTravel’s European travel partner and tourism giant, YouRoute, which has over ten years of data, will be integrated into the URTravel Decentralized platform for travelers and travel providers. Unlike centralized systems such as trip advisor and lonely planet with fake reviews and lack of information, URTravel is a decentralized data-exchange platform that stands to change the game in the travel industry with a public, open-source blockchain that will be fully managed by the system’s users. This system will empower consumers by giving them control of their data and making it possible for them to submit it in exchange for tangible benefits. Toward this end, URTravel strives to level the playing field across the travel industry — closing the gap between travel providers and travelers, thereby boosting the experiences of each.

URTravel CEO Alton Franco’s Speech at East meets West conference, Hawaii 2019.

URTravel is disrupting the travel industry by bringing blockchain technology and AI to an industry that is ready for new technology.