How can you know yourself more?

A young man aspires to climb a mountain, But every time he thought about doing it. He said to himself: this will be so hard to do. Or others will come to him and tell him that he can’t do it. Until one day, there was a fire in the building he lived. A little girl was up at that building roof looking for a rescue. Everyone wondered if she will make it alive or not. Until there was no other than the young man who wasn’t sure of himself, climbs up there and rescues the little girl. The little girl was saved; however, the young man was sad. He was sad about procrastinating his climb aspirations, wasting so much time waiting only to know that he can climb.

The moral of the story I shared with you is that we often go in life unaware of our abilities, Feeling that this is all to life. Only to know later that we have it all if we know it earlier before it is too late. We often go in life, limiting ourselves by our education score, family status, or where we come from. But do we know what we are really capable of and what we can achieve?

Self-awareness is one of the critical aspects for anyone looking to do more in life. If you know what you are capable of and what you like and don’t like. You certainly can put your energy more constructively. And achieve far better outcomes.

You may ask here how then someone develops self-awareness. For me, it was a journey of self-discovery, a trial, and error, some hits and some misses. Until I came to a level, I know myself more, who I am, and what I am capable of achieving.

Along with that, I will share with you five tips I learned to improve self-awareness.

First: Trying new things. We often limit the things we can do in our lives. We are making our limits be our profession, education, background, or what ppl expect from us. Sometimes, trying new things could lead you to discover what you are good at and what you like and don’t like, and it would not happen if you don’t take action and try.

Trying new things does not only involve doing new things. It means experimenting with your life, like traveling to a new place, changing your routine, meeting new people, or learning new hobbies. With this in mind, you will need to notice how you react to new things, which will help you know more about yourself.

Second: working with others. As humans, we always look for familiarity. However, sometimes we need to work with people who are different than us. To learn from others something new or observe how we manage our differences. With that, you may discover that these differences will expand your understanding of other people finding new practices and expand your perspective.

Third: reflecting on life situations. Reflection or some call it meditation, involves seeing yourself from the third eye. It can help you know about yourself what others don’t tell about you when they observe you. With reflection, you will notice certain events reoccurring in your life. From it, you may act or feel differently when the situation arrives next time.

Forth: stretching yourself to new peaks. We often impose our limitations on ourselves, restricting our potential and what we can do or not do, like the miles we can run or books we can read. Stretching your limits is one of the critical elements. To break off those chains and reach new horizons. Who thoughts we can go to the moon until someone stretched that limit and reached it.

Finally: Changing your environment. Changing your environment will help you break the norm. Some environments limit what we can do or not do. Unfortunately, it has people who impose their rules on us. Unless we change those environments, we will never know who we are. Because we always attribute ourselves to the people, we grow up with and the rules they brought to our lives.

In summary, when you do all these experiments, notice how your emotions change, and what your thoughts are at certain times, and are they representing you or not. This will help you know more about yourself.

I hope this article gave you a perspective on self-awareness. Let me know in the comments below on other ways that can help us be more aware.



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