A letter of gratitude

Farewell is some 28 hours far away from now .

Four years done . Seriously ?

Still remember the first day I entered “Ramanujan”(My college name) , I had no hopes of any good from this college , not from people ,or from future . I was busy with the people of high school all my first year .Nobody cared about me , neither I bothered myself to ask anyone .

I was too content with my school friends that I believed I will easily pass my entire life with them .

But one day ,

Yes One fine day it was

Just Like a flower pot hit your head , and you become unconscious . Trust me , Same Happens .

I realized ,I had to start living in Present . I just cannot stretch my Past for long , Every rubber band loses its elasticity after a limit And The limit was knocking on the door .

8 January 2014:

The only bunch of five ladies I know ,where the friendship was attached with a thin string had to separate because of section division

Fuck , Means No more familiar faces , No more proxies , I will be left alone .

Okay . Second year , Started afresh

Goals :

Be social ,productive and have fun

Got to know Mayank , Himani remains there ,Nidhi won my heart in just few days.

Learned Programming . Scored good .Yes Goals fulfilled .

Also Met Pooja , her candour nature made me believe , Straightforwardness never had to deal with bullshit .Adore you “Bhai” (this is how she is known )

Kavish , I can never forget you for the human being you are ! Pure .

You are my ideal being .

Jatin Dhankar : I never talked to him , but intelligence attract everybody.. so it did to me too . Hey you handsome nerd 😎 Wish you Reach the heights , You motivate me even today .

Third Year :

It has been the amazing one . Yes ,yes …i got life . I got Harshit Mathur , I own Ribhav khattar .

I swear You three (Nidhi , Ribhav , Harshit ) only can make me smile in hardest times . My happy life syndrome , My happiness package .You guys are precious 💕💕💕Just thank you to make the journey worth .I will seriously find the god who offered me you .

This year was goaled to be very ambitious . Android , MBACoaching ,College and Internship . I had to do all of them ,but Hardly did half of them 😑

Its okay, Every step I learned ,if not final destination, I reached Half way , that’s how I take it now.

Also , The Trip :

Prince ,Bilal, Himanshu ….You creatures ?? Loved you ,loved your attitude

Sanjoli ,Sonali,Priyanka ,Thankyou for such a good company girls.

Arya Tanmay Gupta , “The Arya Tanmay Gupta” …What are you made of …One hell of programmer , One hell of good Soul ….Yes I am glad that I know you close and worked under your supervision . You are Perfect , Just Perfect . Will Remember you for life time (even if you won’t )

Fourth year

We still didn’t grew up . Each day realizing the last year ,but didn’t fear till the last 24 hours .

Minor project done ,Major done , Friendship ,food and fun on height .Memories on the running stack . Future , a semi colon in the dreams framework.


Can I cry , Sob a little bit too . How could I stop my running tears when I am at a stage to leave everything left behind ,earned all these four years . It is not going to be easy .

Okay I am crying .Please let me do it today .

Just a bit more Gratitude here ,

All the best to people I mentioned , I did not mention , Genuinely ,Sorry If I ever hurt you , I never meant too . I love you all . I will of course Miss you all .


Teachers , thank you . Thank you very much ☺

P.s ( I didnt mention many of people here , it doesn’t mean your part is skipped , you are in heart like others .Thank you for the part of journey .)

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